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Since becoming Mayor of London, Ohio in 2016, myself and my administration have worked hard to create a productive,

goal-oriented work climate fueled by appreciation and mutual respect.  These work principles have helped build trust with our citizens, community and business managers and neighboring government leaders.  Working together efficiently is the key to success and much has been accomplished in four years.

Important highlights of my tenure:


Two additional fire trucks were purchased in 2018 and emergency medical services were added to the City Fire Department’s operations. This has made London safer while enabling the city to be the first responders to medical emergencies within the city limits.  

A $2 million renovation project allowed the city to consolidate our offices, making the administration more efficient and city services more easily accessible.


The city applied for and received a $1.1 million grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission.  In the spring of 2020, a heavily used auto and pedestrian thoroughfare will be reconstructed to include a newly paved road, lined on both sides with curbs and sidewalks, and a multi-purpose path along the city’s main recreational area. 


A partnership between a local non-profit organization and the City of London enabled “Access Cowling” to be built.  This includes a $500,000 handicap accessible and inclusive play space in Cowling Park with multi-purpose paths throughout the area, connecting all of the points of interest. 


In August of 2019 year, the entire city was deemed a Community Reinvestment Area, creating incentives for future economic development.  This legislation has spurred new housing construction, enabled new businesses to open and existing business expansion plans are already underway.  


Our infrastructure is being repaired, our recreation opportunities are expanding and our police and fire departments are growing.  It gives me pride to know that leaders in London are working hard and working together to make our communities a great place to live, work and raise a family.


I look forward to keeping this momentum and I am excited for our future.

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