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Kenna Combs

The Auditor’s office conducts daily City business activities pertaining to financial management, including preparing budgets, implementing City policies, keeping records of all Council proceedings,

handling correspondence on behalf of the City and preparing agendas and executing assignments given by City Council.

The office also directs activities of personnel engaged in recording deeds and similar legal instruments, keeps records of municipal accounts, compiles and transmits fiscal records to appropriate state officials, prepares financial statements of municipal finances for publication in local newspapers and audits the financial books of City offices and departments.

The Auditor’s office also has official responsibility for accounting for all receipts and disbursements of to city funds as well as being responsible for payroll and investments.

Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual 


The City of London’s financial information is now available on Ohio Checkbook.  The data shows local spending grouped by fund, department, object and/or payee. Users can filter and display data down to the single transaction level.  Check it out here:

Auditor's Office

20 S. Walnut Street, Suite 101

London,Ohio 431410

Office - 740-852-1263

Fax - 740-852-4127

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