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Law Director

Jennifer Hitt

Legal Executive Assistant - Janel Becker

The City of London’s Law Director is elected by the residents of the City and serves a four year term. The Law Director must reside in the City and must be an attorney at law admitted to practice in the State of Ohio. A Legal Assistant supports and assists the Law Director as an administrative assistant, legal secretary and office manager.

The Law Director serves the City, its directors and officers as legal counsel and attorney; drafts ordinances and resolutions at the request of City Council; represents the City, its directors and officers in all complaints, lawsuits, and controversies in which the City, its officers and directors are named; responds to written requests for legal opinions from the City’s officers and directors; and serves as the City’s prosecuting attorney in the Madison County Municipal Court for misdemeanor offenses occurring within the City.

Law Director's Office

20 S. Walnut Street, Suite 102

London, Ohio 43140

Office - 740-852-2170

Fax - 740-852-7035

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