London City Council

April 1, 2021


20 S. Walnut Street

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Ready for 5th Reading

Ordinance 114-21 Sponsored by: Andrew Hitt - An ordinance vacating an alley (attachment)

Ready for 2nd Reading
Resolution 131-21 Sponsored by: Rich Hays - A resolution increasing appropriations

Resolution 132-21 Sponsored by: Brenda Russell - A resolution increasing appropriations

Ordinance 133-21 Sponsored by: Brenda Russell - An ordinance for strengths on job descriptions (attachment)

Ordinance 134-21 Sponsored by: Rich Hays - An ordinance amending ordinance 242 of the codified ordinances                                                           (attachment)

Resolution 135-21 Sponsored by: Brenda Russell - A resolution adopting the recommendations of the Tax Incentive                                                  Review council (attachment)

Resolution 136-21 Sponsored by: Anthony Smith - A resolution assessing the costs and collecting delinquent water                                                     charges

Resolution 137-21 Sponsored by; Bryan Robinson - A resolution authorizing the Safety Service Director to participate in                                          contracts of the State of Ohio Department of Transportation

New Business

Resolution 138-21 Sponsored by Josh Peters - A resolution increasing appropriations

Round Table