Tne City of London is an equal opportunity employer



The City of London Board of Public Utilities is accepting applications for a Water Department Assistant Operator beginning 8:00AM, April 5, 2021 until 4:00PM April 16, 2021.


Applications and the job description may be picked up at the Board of Public Utilities office at 20 S. Walnut Street, Suite 104, London, Ohio 43140 Monday through Friday, 8:00AM until 4:00PM. Applications can also be downloaded from the City of London website at


The pay range for this position is $18.40 ~$22.40, this is a second shift position with weekends and holidays.


No Applications will be accepted after April 16th at 4:00PM.


Please send applications to:

City of London Board of Public Utilities

PO Box 649

London, Ohio 43140





The City of London, Ohio is creating a list of eligible candidates for future openings with the London Police Department.  The City of London will be accepting applications and conducting a Civil Service examination for the entry position of POLICE OFFICER. Applicants must be twenty-one (21) years of age, have a High School Diploma or equivalent, a valid driver’s license, and be certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) within one (1) year of the date of being hired.  Applicants are required to pass a background check, oral interviews, medical exam, OPOTA fitness standards test and a polygraph examination prior to employment. The City of London, Ohio is an equal opportunity employer offering a starting salary of $21.85 an hour to $30.89 an hour, shift differential, uniform allowance, paid vacation after the first year, personal days, health insurance, educational allowance and other benefits.


The following adjustments shall be made to the score of applicants on the condition that they pass the entry level examination with a raw score in all sections of 70% or greater. Additional credit shall be awarded to a maximum of 30% of the raw score. The London Civil Service Commission will not accept documentation for credit unless received by 4pm on May 7, 2021 at the City of London Administrative Office.


1.    Veteran’s credit – 20% additional credit shall be granted to Ohio residents who are honorably discharged from the          United States Armed Forces. (Must submit copy of DD214, including block 24, with the application).


2.    Education credit – 10% credit for a Bachelor’s Degree from a North Central Association of Colleges and Schools              (NCACS) accredited college or university. 5% credit for an Associate’s Degree from a North Central Association of            Colleges and Schools (NCACS) accredited college or university. A maximum of 10% will be given and the applicant          must submit a copy of Diploma with the application.


3.    Certification credit – Currently employed, full time, certified Police Officers in the State of Ohio will receive                              additional credit of 20%.  Certified Police Officers in the State of Ohio will receive an additional 10% credit. A                        maximum of 20% will be granted, and the applicant must submit a photocopy of a valid Peace Officer’s                               Certification and proof of employment with the application.


City of London Applications must be completed and signed, and must be received by 4pm on May 7, 2021 at the City of London Administrative Office, 20 S Walnut St, London, Ohio. Applications and all related materials can be submitted by email to  Applications should not be sent to NTN. 

The examination will be administered by the National Testing Network on behalf of the London Civil Service Commission. Testing dates, times and locations can be found at Applicants must take the examination at an approved location by 4pm on May 7, 2021. All applicants will be personally responsible for the price of the NTN exam.


If you wish to file an appeal to the London Civil Service Commission, a written appeal must be received at the City of London Administrative Office no later than ten (10) days after the final date of testing by 4pm. All appeals will be considered at the regularly scheduled CSC meeting following the testing period.


Those applicants meeting the minimum qualifications for the position, and receiving a passing score on the examination, will be considered for eligibility and will be placed onto the Certified List of Eligible Candidates for the entry level position of POLICE OFFICER being created by the City of London. Once appeals have been considered and ruled upon by the CSC, an approved list of eligible candidates for future positions will be forwarded to the London Police Department for further testing and selection.  Please direct questions to Thomas Arrington, London Civil Service Commission Char, at (740) 490-7044.