Chief Todd D. Eades was sworn in as the City of London Division of Fire’s Chief in 2006.

Chief  Eades began his career as a volunteer firefighter, advancing to

full-time fire fighter, Lieutenant, before being promoted to the Fire Division’s top leadership position.

Chief Eades has served the City for over 23 years and is a graduate of Capital University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science/ Economics. 

When not responding to the needs of the Fire/EMS Department and community, Chief Eades enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Chief Eades' office is located on the Fire/EMS station at 103 E. High Street, London, Ohio 43140.

​He can be contacted by non-emergency Phone: 740-852-4297 or email:


Station 360 
103 E. High Street   

London, Ohio 43140  

Phone: 740.852.4297 

Fax: 740.852.1392

Station 361 
40 E. Center Street   

London, Ohio 43140  

Phone: 740.908-1042  

Fax: 740.852.1392


Part-Time Staff:

FF/B Adam Zimmerman

FF/P Alec Marchetta

FF/P Alec Razor

FF/B Alex McFarland

FF/P Alex Wihl

FF/B Austin Fultz

FF/B Benjamin Lemaster

FF/B Billy Cain

FF/B Brayden Coffin

FF/B Cameron Fulling

FF/P Carl Razor

FF/P Chris Catt

FF/P Christina Simms

FF/B Cole Howard

FF/B Don Goldhardt

FF/P Douglas Sprankle

FF/P Eric Pierce

FF/B Jason Johnson

FF/P John Miller

FF/P Joseph Knisley

FF/B Juhl Douglas

FF/P Kevin Fischer

FF/B - Fire Safety Inspector Matt Noble

FF/B - Fire Safety Inspector Paul "Buck" VanHorn

FF/B Robert Hanson

FF/B Sam Lemaster

FF/B Thomas Dean

FF/B Thomas Nimmo

FF/B Troy Martin

FF/P William Dekle

FF/B Zachary Graham

FF/B Jackson Kane

FF/P Benjamin Barber

FF/B Bryan Hosea

FF/B Alexander Bickell

FF/B Jeremy Yoder

FF/B Colton Harsh

FF/B Caden Woodward

FF/B Kenneth Kane

FF/B Serena Escobar

FF/B Kyle Bainter

FF/B Micah Mecklenburg 

FF/P Michael Drake Jr.

FF/P Kyle Cook

FF/B Colton Martin

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