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Smoke Detectors 

The City of London Div. of Fire is partnering with the American Red Cross to provide free smoke detectors to homes within the City of London. Detectors are available at the Fire Station while supplies last and can be installed by appointment.

You can stop by any time to pick up a smoke detector.  For requests for installation, please contact the fire Department office to set up your appointment.

Put Smoke Alarms in Your Home to Keep Your Family Safe.

  • Smoke is poison. It can kill you.

  • Smoke alarms make a loud noise when there is smoke in your home.

  • Smoke alarms wake you up if you are sleeping.

  • Put a smoke alarm on every level of your home and outside each sleeping area. Put a smoke alarm inside every bedroom.

  • Smoke goes up. Put smoke alarms on the ceiling or high on the wall.

Our number one goal is safety. Make sure your smoke alarms work. Be ready, make an escape plan and finally...use your escape plan if there is a fire.  

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