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Stewardship is one of our guiding principles we utilize in completing our mission. With that frame of mind, in addition to our routine crime suppression patrols and criminal investigations, we offer these additional services or programs in order to facilitate effective and efficient public safety services:



LPD offers to record basic information about your property or contact information anytime you are away on vacation, or when other circumstances warrant checks on your property. We ask that you complete a community watch form and return it to the office. We will then periodically check your residence while you are away. To participate in this service, please feel free to complete the community watch form found at this link: Community Watch Form/House Check/Vacation Watch


Special Duty Officer: 

If you need to hire a special duty officer for security or traffic details, please submit the following form to our office at or contact dispatch directly at 740-852-1414. Rates are determined on a case by case basis but are generally around $40 per hour, per officer, with a 2 hour minimum. If a cruiser is utilized in the detail there is an additional fee for each cruiser of $5 per hour. Any additional questions or concerns contact Sgt. Cooper or Adm. Asst. LeeAnn Robertson.  You may submit this form online at this link: Special Duty Request

Prescription Drug Disposal:

Thanks to CVS Pharmacy, we have a drop off box for unused medication located in our lobby for free public use. Just bring in your old, unwanted medications and dispose of them in the container. There is no charge or paperwork involved on your part. We encourage residents to utilize this service to keep excess medication out of circulation and reduce thefts and burglaries related to the drugs.

Public Records Requests: 

To obtain a copy of any incident report, individual arrest records or other documents you may contact the office in person or utilize our records request form. You are not required to submit your personal information, however it does help us expedite your request. There is a charge of .05 cents per page after the first 20 pages for paper copies. Any cd/dvd media is $1.00 per item and postage is required before mailing copies. Our records request form is located on our forms page.


TRAFFIC CRASH REPORTS are available at this website:

Bicycle Registration: 

LPD provides a free service of registering your bicycle. Stop by the office with your bike or just your pertinent bike information to obtain a bicycle license decal and record your information. This service is an attempt to thwart bike thefts and to enable officers to identify recovered bikes. We encourage residents or others visiting the area to partake of this free service. 

Safe Exchange Zone: 

There are two parking spots located in front of the police department on E First St. that are reserved as "Safe Exchange Zone" spots. The area is under video surveillance to be utilized for those looking to meet in public and exchange goods from an online sale or other event such as child custody exchanges. The video is recorded and is view able by police dispatch, however if you encounter any problems you should still call 911 or enter the front door at the police department. We are providing this space for your casual use, and do not intend to have an officer physically present at each use. If you feel you need an officer present for a civil standby, please do not hesitate to contact the office.  


Event Speakers/Tours:

If your organization would like to have an officer speak on a topic or visit with your event or group, please call the office to schedule the event at 740-852-1414.

Neighborhood Watch: 

Are you and fellow neighbors interested in finding out more about a neighborhood watch and what it involves? If you would like to discuss this possibility of working with the police division in enhancing the quality of life in your neighborhood, we encourage you to call or email the office.

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