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Facility Needs Assessment and Resulting Conceptual Plan

The City of London is excited to present this conceptual plan for a new Police Department and Community Recreation Center.

This proposal is based a professional needs assessment, to prepare for financial obligations the city would encumber.

This investment will go directly toward serving the health, well-being and safety of every citizen. The new recreation center will let us expand our youth services but will also appeal to people of all ages. Information about funding the project through a future .5% income tax levy will be discussed at the next City Council meeting. Tax revenues will go directly toward the demolition and construction of buildings and the operations of our safety services.

We realize there are many questions and it is not realistic to answer them all on this media; however, there will be many opportunities for public discussion if the London City Council approves the proposed legislation to be placed on a ballot in May.

We are excited to help move our city forward and will be asking for your support.

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