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Recent Major Case Prosecutions & Resolutions Summary

(London, Ohio; June 15, 2021)

Recently, the following matters were resolved after investigations by London Police Division officers and prosecuted by County Prosecutor Nick Adkins and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Michael Klamo:

● Kyle Buckler, 42, was convicted at trial by a jury of three counts of Aggravated

Trafficking in Methamphetamine, felonies of the fourth degree. He was sentenced to 8

months in prison.

● Rondey Baker, 37, pled guilty to Attempted Murder, a felony of the first degree. He was

sentenced to a mandatory 10 to 15 years in prison. This was a result of a stabbing

incident of a fellow employee at a local industry. Madison County SO assisted with the


● Lyle White, 49, was convicted at trial by a jury of Aggravated Possession of

Methamphetamine, a felony of the second degree. He was sentenced to a mandatory 5 to

7 ½ years in prison.

● Jason Tipton pled guilty to three counts of Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter

Involving a Minor, felonies of the second degree. He was sentenced to a mandatory 9 to

10 ½ years in prison and 25 years reporting as a sexual offender. This resulted from an

investigation of child pornography on his computors while he was convicted of an

unrelated sex offense.

● Brian Mossbarger pled guilty to Aggravated Trafficking in Methamphetamine, a felony

of the second degree. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 23, 2021. The range

of possible sentences is a mandatory 2 to 8 years of prison.

Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins states, “I am thankful for the productive working

relationship that the Prosecutor’s Office has with the London Police Department. The

collaborative efforts between our departments have been effective in holding individuals

accountable for their criminal behavior. I applaud all of the law enforcement officers at LPD

for their tireless efforts to ensure the safety of our community.” Chief Glenn Nicol concurs

that the great working relationship between the county prosecutor and our agency is vital to

ensuring a safer community. Ch. Nicol added “ We realize we are not alone in our endeavors

and cannot be successful without the support and cooperation of the public. We continually

seek involvement of the public and other community partners.”

Residents are encouraged to report concerns and issues to the police in a timely manner

by calling 740-852-1414 or submitting tips through the police app found in the app store

under London Ohio Police. Tips may be made anonymously, however more effective

responses can result by leaving your contact information.

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