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Update on Bicycle/Pick Up Crash on May 9th

The investigation into the crash of a bicyclist and pickup truck on May 9th that resulted in the serious injury of a 16-year-old male has been finalized.

London Police received the reconstruction report from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Crash Analysis Unit. The review listed observations and calculations indicating the following: The bicyclist operated without lighting wearing dark clothing in low light conditions, approaching and entering the intersection against a red traffic signal, while the pickup truck approached the intersection on a green signal, with the light changing to yellow less than 2 seconds before the pickup truck entered the intersection. The light did not turn to red until the truck had cleared the intersection. The speed of the truck was determined to be 30-32 miles per hour as it traversed the intersection. The speed limit in that area is 35 mph. It was also determined that the truck decelerated shortly after the collision when it reached the other side of the intersection. Based on this information, along with the eye witness statement and surveillance video, there are no charges warranted against the driver of the pickup truck. While the investigation revealed the juvenile was at fault in the collision, no traffic related charges are being filed on the juvenile or the parent.

While we understand and empathize with all the involved parties in this tragic event, we would like to clarify some erroneous information that has been circulated.

The driver of the vehicle immediately called 911 and reported the crash. An independent witness also stopped and stayed on scene. The first officer on scene within 2 minutes of dispatch went directly to the injured party and assessed his condition. Due to his findings, the injured party was found to be unconscious, breathing on his own, with no severe bleeding to be contained. There was no environmental condition to warrant moving the injured and officers observed him from a few feet away for the next few seconds before medics reached the injured. During this time the witness, driver and persons standing nearby were identified. The juvenile was under observation from the time the first officer arrived until medics arrived and started treatment. No one on scene knew the juvenile and, in an attempt to identify him, his cell phone was utilized to call

911 by an officer, about 12 minutes into the event. It was also noted the phone was playing music with earbuds still attached to the phone when it was located near the juvenile. The phone number recovered in this manner was not located in any emergency databases. The pickup driver was closely observed by officers during this investigation and no impairment was

reasonably articulable and no further action was warranted against the driver as a result of the preliminary investigation.

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The investigation into the crash of a bicyclist and pickup truck on May 9th that resulted in the serious injury of a 16-year-old male is ongoing and the report has not been finalized. London Police ar

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