City Administration

City Hall, Suite 100

Office - 740-852-3243
Fax - 740-852-7028

Mayor - Patrick J. Closser

Safety Service Director - Rex Castle

Executive Assistant - Eve Breedlove

Mayor - Patrick J. Closser

Born and raised in London, Ohio, Mayor Patrick J. Closser embodies the spirit of the city he leads. His journey began at London High School, where he proudly graduated in 1997, laying the cornerstone for his unwavering dedication to our community. Mayor Closser's civic path took root through active engagement in a myriad of boards and organizations, including the Downtown London Association, Rhythm & Rib Fest, Madison County Chamber of Commerce, and the Mental Health & Addiction Task Force.

Mayor Closser's steadfast commitment to public service led him to join the City Council in 2011, where he served diligently until 2016. Throughout his tenure, he exemplified leadership and was elected to the role of council president in 2014, underscoring his steadfast commitment to the advancement of London. His dedication culminated in his election as Mayor in 2016, a position he has held with distinction for three consecutive terms, demonstrating the continued trust and support of the London community.

Over the course of his distinguished career, Mayor Closser has garnered recognition for his outstanding service and dedication. Notably, he has been bestowed with the Rotary International Service Above Self Award in both 2015 and 2020, along with being named the Junior Achievement of the Mad River Region Volunteer of the Year in 2023.

Mayor Closser wears many hats, from ensuring efficient service delivery and prudent financial stewardship to fostering citizen engagement and driving economic prosperity. He actively cultivates collaborative partnerships, proudly representing London on a broader stage. His dedication extends far beyond official duties; Mayor Closser enthusiastically participates in community events, from school visits to grand openings, cherishing moments that nurture community pride and forge a collective identity.

As a devoted family man, Mayor Closser brings a unique blend of local heritage, extensive experience, and profound community dedication to his leadership. He is unwavering in his commitment to cultivating the city into a vibrant, flourishing, and inclusive city for all, and his leadership continues to shape London’s present and future.

Rex Castle is a proud Londoner with over five decades of community dedication under his belt. After graduating from London High School and Tolles Technical Center, Rex dove headfirst into making a difference right where he lived. For a remarkable 43 years, he was the backbone of COBA/Select Sires as the Information Services Department manager, crafting custom software, and supporting users across 22 states.

For over 25 years he was an integral part of the London Area Baseball Council, wearing hats as both board member and treasurer. From 2013 to 2019, he took his community spirit even further, serving on the London City Council and leading as chairman of the finance committee.

In his current role as London's Safety Service Director, Rex focuses on community well-being, overseeing both safety and service departments. From the dedicated officers of the Police and Fire/EMS divisions to the diligent staff of the Building and Zoning, Street, and Parks and Recreation departments, Rex leads a team committed to excellence. As the Mayor's right hand, Rex ensures the city's safety and smooth operations, supervising and administering vital departments and translating policies into daily actions that keep Londoners safe and secure. He's also responsible for contracting for and maintaining various city facilities.

Ultimately, Rex's dedication is about creating a safe and pleasing environment for every Londoner, from ensuring timely emergency response to maintaining vibrant parks. His work touches every aspect of community life, embodying a commitment to service that has defined his career.

Safety Service Director - Rex Castle

Executive Assistant - Eve Breedlove

Introducing Eve Breedlove, the Executive Assistant serving as a pivotal link between the Mayor, Safety Service Director, and the vibrant community of London. With an array of experience in providing intricate administrative and technical support, she navigates the complexities of her role with finesse, ensuring seamless operations within the city's administrative framework.

Eve orchestrates scheduling, organizing, and facilitating administrative functions, managing the Mayor's office while fostering harmonious relationships with the City Council, department heads and staff, various community leaders in schools, businesses and public agencies, and media representatives. Her background includes Executive Coordination of both IT and Facilities offices at The University of Texas at Austin, which reflects her commitment to innovation, particularly in enhancing accessibility measures in both physical and virtual spaces—a passion she brings to the growing landscape of London.

Beyond her professional duties, Eve's heart beats for community engagement. Whether baking birthday cakes for kids in need or donning the Christmas elf persona of Miss Candy Cane to spread cheer during the festive season, she embodies the spirit of altruism and connection. Her boundless enthusiasm for enriching London's future through community involvement serves as a beacon of positivity, illuminating every endeavor she undertakes.

With her sharp eye for detail, communications management, and an unwavering dedication to community, Eve Breedlove stands as a formidable asset embodying the ethos of progress, compassion, and collaboration.