Building & Zoning

City Hall, Suite 105

Office - 740-852-7045

City Building Official - Tom Hale

Administrative Assistant - Kristie West

Building Clerk - Brenda Ramos

Code Enforcement Officer - Steve Hume

Floodplain Administrator - Tom Hale

Effective April 15, 2024 the permitting software has changed.

If you have a permit issued prior to this you will not be able to schedule an inspection.

Please either email or contact the office at 614-379-5250 or 740-852-2833 option #1 or 740-852-7045.

Building & Zoning Forms

The City of London provides Building Department Services.

These are intended to be used as a means of communication and to encourage building safety.  

PLEASE NOTE:  A Zoning Permit is required before erecting a fence, wall, patio, deck, carport, in-ground pool or driveway expansion.  Commercial properties also require a Zoning Permit before erecting signs.  

You can download, complete and return all forms to the Building Department. 

Zoning regulation deals primarily with the use of a particular property:

  • Building setbacks, required parking, lot coverage, and signage are some of the issues also addressed in zoning review.

  • For many small projects zoning review can be handled by the zoning staff.

  • Applications for larger projects may need to be reviewed by the City Planning Commission.

  • Some conditionally permitted uses are subject to conditions set forth by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

  • If a proposed project cannot meet all of the requirements of the zoning regulations, a variance may be requested.

To find out the zoning classification of a particular property, go to the
Madison County Auditor’s website and search for and select your subject parcel.  From that parcel’s Base screen, click on the map in the upper-right corner.  When the map comes up, click on the Background tab on the left side of the map and check the box for Zoning (London).  You may need to zoom out a little to see the labels of the various colored areas.