Auditor's Office

City Hall, Suite 101

Office - 740-852-1263
Fax - 740-852-4127

City Auditor - Kenna Combs

Chief Deputy Auditor - Kim Downing

Deputy Auditor - Kathy Hafey

The Auditor's Office: Ensuring Financial Transparency and Accountability

The mission of the Auditor's Office is to ensure that the City operates with utmost financial transparency and accountability. Our dedicated team is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and diligence in the following areas:

Financial Management:

  • Budgeting: Craft and oversee the City's annual budget, ensuring efficient allocation of resources to support vital services and infrastructure.

Operational Excellence:

  • Municipal Accounts: Meticulously manage and maintain records of all City finances, guaranteeing their integrity and accessibility.

  • Fiscal Reporting: Compile and submit required financial data to state authorities, demonstrating responsible fiscal stewardship.

  • Financial Statements: Prepare clear and concise financial statements for public publication, fostering transparency and citizen engagement.

Internal Controls:

  • Internal Audits: Conduct regular audits of City departments and offices, identifying areas for improvement and safeguarding against financial irregularities.

  • Fund Management: Meticulously account for all City funds, ensuring proper receipt, disbursement, and investment in accordance with established regulations.

  • Payroll Management: Handle paperwork processing for City employees, guaranteeing accurate and timely payments while adhering to legal requirements.

By upholding these core principles, the Auditor's Office strengthens public trust and lays the foundation for a fiscally sound and sustainable future for our City.


The City of London’s financial information is available on Ohio Checkbook.  The data shows local spending grouped by fund, department, object and/or payee. Users can filter and display data down to the single transaction level.